Blurb: When I was just starting out in this industry, I wish I had had someone to come alongside me to help guide and grow my confidence in myself, my business, and my photography. I would've loved to have someone to offer real, inspiring, encouraging advice that was personally molded to my creative journey. I'm not a professional speaker or an educator, and I'm still constantly learning myself, but in the 10 years of running my own business and being in the photography industry, I have a lot to share with others who want to go full-time or just want more from their own journey. (I want to appeal to people who want to run their own business so they are able to provide for their family by going full time, maybe they want flexibility (don't want to sound too MLM vibes), or want to share their art and need help formalizing their business, etc?) I want to be that person for you, to come along side you and equip you with everything you'd need to grow your photo business. I want to make sure this isn't one of those courses that you spend your hard-earned money on and walk away thinking "I didn't get anything applicable out of that." Past the mentorship, I'll be here as a friend and someone invested in your success. (Maybe include something about joining the Kelsey Butcher Photo Community and how we need Community/not meant to do this life alone.)



Information about Mentorships:


  1. Culling + Editing (PhotoMechanic + Lr)

  2. Getting Organized: System from Start to Finish (Organizing files and documents, etc.)

  3. BTS: Business/Admin Side of Running a Business

  4. Shooting, Posing, and Lighting

  5. Brand Identity + Social Media

  • Walk n Talk kind of thing. 1 hour max. thing. Not a deep dive, more for someone needing encouragement in one area. $250

  • 3 hour Zoom Call or Face to face if local. Can pick any 3 sections to talk about/dive into. $500

  • Everything in a Nutshell. 6 hours. Every section, the ins and outs of my business and more. Includes a constructive critique of 5 images. $900. If you do this package, you save $100 than if you did all of them individually or 2 of the 3-hour zoom call/meetings. Does that make sense? lol Basically, I'm trying to make it cheaper to choose the full bundle over individual sections. Kind of like a lot of subscription based things do now. Like "pay for a year and save x% rather than pay more if you choose the monthly option".

  • Add an in-person styled shoot with me to any package for $200.