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The lighthouse at Neist Point felt like it marked the edge of the world!


As a lover of Scotland, in general, as well as a massive fan of Outlander, getting to travel up into the Highlands was such a treat. My husband drove manual on the opposite side of the car on the opposite of the road for the very first time ever, and it was incredible being in the passenger seat on this road trip up to our tiny cottage nestled in the Highlands on the Isle of Skye! Also, there were SO. MANY. SHEEP. And some feral goats! It was worth every cold, windy moment there.

Neist Point | Isle of Skye, UK

  • 8 x 10 Neist Point Print

    High-resolution image printed on premium quality photo paper. Photo taken with a Canon 5D Mark IV DSLR. 350 dpi.

  • Shipping Information

    Shipped as Priority Mail via USPS with supportive packaging so the print won't be bent or damaged.

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